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Stackia Haulage Ltd offer a wide selection of top-quality vehicles, all equipped with 360 degree cameras for security, aluminium bodies for sturdiness and the ability to transport a broad range of materials.

Beyond commitment to quality service, our main priority, as a haulage company based in Slough, is health and safety for clients, customers and cargo. Our trucks are all selected and equipped with this in mind, with the latest technology contributing to this end. We repair and maintain all of our vehicles in-house and we even have our own washing system, ensuring that rust and degradation are kept to a minimum. Our vehicles are kept in pristine condition, ready for road haulage in Slough or anywhere else, up and down the country. Take a look at our selection below and see which are right for your needs.

close up of tipper truck in our slough depot


Trailer Trucks

We also use a selection of trailer trucks, as part of our road haulage in Slough. These are equipped with walking floors, allowing material to run from the bottom of the trailer. They have Wilcox bodies and can bear 25-30 tonnes of material.


Tipper Trucks

Our various tipper trucks can meet your company at its point of need. These trucks are capable of transporting 20 tonnes of material and are all equipped with aluminium bodies, ensuring that no cross-contamination occurs in any instance.


6-Wheeler Trucks

For lighter loads, we supply 6-wheel trucks, capable of bearing 15 tonnes in weight. Whatever material you need transported through our road haulage in Slough, be sure that our trucks can transport your cargo to the right location in good time.



Artic Trucks

We offer a selection of articulated trucks that can carry up to 44 tonnes. These high-spec trucks are equipped with walk-in floors so that, with the press of a button, your material can be easily moved toward the end of the trailer, for convenient access.


Tridem Trucks

Our tridem trucks have three axels at the rear, providing greater stability and weight distribution to carry heavier loads than traditional tandem axle trucks. We ensure that we use the most modern and up-to-date technology, to provide the best possible service.


Rigid Trucks

As part of our road haulage in Slough and across the UK, we supply rigid trucks with a single chassis and fixed rear axle, providing stability and ease of maneuverability for urban and regional deliveries. We ensure comfortable and safe driving while maximizing productivity and minimizing operational costs.







What can we move for you?

Whatever you're transporting and wherever you're transporting it to, trust that Stackia Haulage has the truck for the job.

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